Tasted something great and want it for yourself? We can hook you up! We are expert flava makers and pride ourselves in being able to reproduce any flavour in powder and liquid form. We work with the best in the business (both locally and internationally), and are able to offer you expert advice about production and flavour development. If you thought wine fundi’s can waffle off about their taste profiles….wait until you see us at work. We have white lab coats and everything!


Work with us and your team will be trained by our slo-jo brand ambassadors. Every drink comes with easy to use recipe instructions, and it doesn’t stop there. Just holla and we’ll roll on over – minus the roller skates. (Roller skates are optional extras). With every menu change, or staff change we insist on making sure your team become experts at making the best beverages in town. We are just as passionate about your business’ service and quality levels that we won’t just send a recipe, and leave you to it. Our team also regularly does quality checks on your behalf.


Most places in the hospitality industry have at least one killer drink. Most of them are conceptulised by us. Chances are if you’ve had something yummy, it’s made with our product, or a combination of some of them. Our team can create signature drinks for you, or help you to regularly refresh your menu with on-trend drinks. And the best part is, because we’re a business ourselves, we think like a business too. We do consider ‘cost per serving’ and ‘time needed to make the drink’ because we’re clever like that.


We’ll treat your business like our own. We’re not interested in a quick buck, and will rather work with you in developing the best solution to suit your budget. From developing your own house branded products to our ‘off the shelf’ varieties, we have products to match your needs. We can manage with tight budgets, because who doesn’t have those nowadays, and we will ensure you get maximum return on our delicious products. Can you say “massive profit margin”?


Our range is easy to use, but some drinks need a little preparation to make them amazing. We can supply you with the machinery you need, or source it for you. Our current range of machinery includes the range of Hamilton Beach blenders, Vitamix blender, Maximum blender, SPM Frozen yoghurt machine, Granita machine but to name a few. Oh and did we mention we can find amazing glassware for you too? We know what’s trending and know how to dress up a drink!


Along with creating your tailor made recipes, we can include marketing materials to help support your sales. Depending on your volumes, we’re keen to offer you a range of options to push your menu items. Don’t forget we also offer on site training and marketing know-how. Think of us as friends with benefits.


We’re centrally located in Gauteng, with our head office and warehouse based in Midrand. Orders within the Jo’burg area are processed quickly and normally hit the road within 48 hours. We can warehouse and easily distribute your selection of product from our newly expanded warehouse, with top notch software systems to support it. Get your people to call our people, and we’ll deliver it.


Our team is ahead of the curve. Promise. With our trend watchers on full alert everyday, we pick up on what’s hot, what’s not and whats trending globally in the world of food and beverages. It’s a service we throw in for free when you work with us, so you can be guaranteed that your restaurant, shop or quick service spot will always have the latest and greatest beverages on offer. Cool neh?