Working with outsourced experts may give you the space to be more agile and responsive, keeping you focused on what you’re good at, according to Geoff Prissman, director and co-founder of Slo-Jo, creator of tailor-made taste sensations for South Africa’s leading restaurant chains.


No matter how big or small your business, you’re going to enjoy the greatest efficiency if you have qualified and experienced people performing specialised tasks. It’s true, however, that your business may not be profitable in its current stage of growth to employ such a person full time – so you’re compelled to draw in an external expert on a weekly or monthly basis.

At Slo-Jo, we’ve found that there are several advantages working with outside experts.


Minimising overheads

Outsourcing experts presents the opportunity to draw on the expertise from the best in a given sector when we need their guidance. Your business might not be in the space where external expertise is required all the time, but outsourcing will assist in building the business whilst keeping overheads as tight as possible during your growth phases.


Specialised expertise

Among other things, we collaborate with an external public relations team, we work with an external design team, and we outsource our transport logistics. While we probably could employ people in-house to perform these tasks, we find we’re getting better value for our money by working with businesses that are specialists in what they do – so that we can focus on what we’re good at.


Economic development

Slo-Jo supports other small businesses – and its small businesses that are the building blocks of economic recovery in South Africa. Every time you purchase a product or service, you are effectively creating jobs for the country where that product/service exists. As a proudly South African company we pride ourselves in creating economic opportunities for South African’s and find more businesses want to work with us based on this ethos.


A new perspective

When you’re as passionate about your own business as we are, you sometimes lose sight of what’s going on elsewhere in the market, and outside experts often provide valuable insights that you wouldn’t necessarily enjoy from an internal employee. With these external insights, outside service providers keep us on our toes, inspiring fresh ideas, and adding robust perspectives.


Outsource business partners not service providers

As we’ve evolved into a global company, we’ve also realised the importance of engaging with experts in the different regions we work in. Tastes and preferences differ between countries, and often even between cities; logistics and the media landscape are also subject to local influence, which is why we align our efforts with suppliers that can best navigate the business worlds we operate in. We view them as partners, and they feel responsible for our success, which in turns helps all partner businesses grow.


Find the perfect fit

We’ve found an unexpected benefit to working with outside service providers too. For example, we collaborated with an independent mixologist to create a range of recipes using our various hot and cold drink products, and the relationship worked so well that we’ve employed her full time. Working with her as an independent was a great way for us (and her) to assess the relationship, and to identify whether or not our business was ready to carry that kind of resource. We’re delighted to say that it was!