When the going get’s tough, the tough get going! Featured in this road trip selfie, is our handsome driver, Ferdi*, who also doubles up as our New Business Development Manager by day, flanked by Joanne who drives our sales up and looks after our most important releationships in her spare time as our Exec Manager of Sales, with the help of Nadine just behind her, who not only seems to love zebra print, but also moonlights as our marketing guru. Behind the driver is Chrissy, who is also an Exec manager that heads up our R&D teams….shew, what a collection of brain power!

So there we were, cruizing the town, working. “Working? Oh really? What exactly where you guys doing?” , I hear you say. Well, the list is pretty long so lets sumarize it into the following: secret shopper taste tests, menu research and looking for new drink ideas, drinking up a storm, all in the name of research….or something like that!

Important notice: Drinking and driving is only permitted if it’s a pink drink, with sprinkles or cookie bits, and doesn’t contain any alcohol. (Because that would be silly – and we definitely don’t do silly.)

* Ferdi has been known to drive miss daisy too.