You want a taste of heaven? Ok, so maybe not heaven, but it’s a pretty close comparison if you ask me. Let me introduce you to my favourite drink at the mo. (I am the Group Marketing Manager, Nadine who has a list a long as my arm, so this was really hard for me!)

Introducting my flavourite: White Symphony Latte with Marshmallow Fluff

Contary to popular belief, you don’t need an orcastra to create this steamy drink – just some milk, our white chocolate powder and a dollop of marshmallow fluff for the top.


  1. Heat 420mls separately, then pour into one of our lovely mason jars
  2. Add one full yellow scoop – 30grams – of white symphony powder
  3. Add one shot of espresso (+-30mls) for a coffee kick
  4. End off with a dollop of marshmallow fluff on the top and garnish with cookies and cinnamon stick – yum!