We are taste architects. We pride ourselves on being able to create flavours and beverage experiences. Our product range includes powders, liquids, syrups, toppings, sauces, coulis and even unexpected bits like cookie dough toppings and marshmallow fluff…the list is endless.

We also sell some products that are not our entirely our own, but feel confident to add them to our flava house because we’ve tried and tested them all. See our full product list for more info, and what we’re really good at.


Mix up an icealicious drink by simply adding our powders to ice and blend away. Your mouth will want more because one sip is never enough! To ensure we can take you on a taste sensation every day of the week, we have many flavours to choose from – and if it’s not on our menu yet, we can create it for you. We’re famous for our Coffee Freezo and Chocolate Decadence smoothie, and most find it impossible to pick between our White Symphony, Fudge Caramel, Spicy Chai, Tropical and Coco Mocha Nut.

These are gourmet creations and you simply won’t find a boring flavour here. And no, we don’t have Vanilla on our list…


When you need warming up from the inside, sip a steamalicious drink from us. Our powders can easily be made into hotties and topped with just about anything you can imagine. Try our list of favorites: cream, foam, syrups, cookie bits, marshmallow fluff, honey…the list is endless. For coffee with a kick, just add a shot of espresso to our hotties, or let your imagination go wild with a squirt of premium 1883 flavored syrups.

Warning: we can’t guarantee that people will keep their fingers out of your drink when it looks this good – many can’t resist the urge to stick in a finger to take a lick!


Imagine fruit iced iced baby! Well that’s what our fruit teazer range is all about. T-waves and coulis made fresh to serve in drinks or food preparation (try drizzling our Mixed Berry coulis on your best dessert or breakfast crunch). Our range includes popular flavours such as Mango, Strawberry Sensation, Pineapple, Granadilla, Green Apple and Passion Fruit. It will taste like you’ve put a straw directly into a piece of frozen fruit. Shlurp it up! You can also use this lovely stuff as toppings on waffles, pancakes, french toast, in baking, on desserts and as glass garnish. Oh goodness its great!

Fruit teazers are a great dairy free alternative and make cool cocktails (or mocktails). They can also be mixed with our Lemonade Concentrate to make a flavour sensation in a glass (that looks ice-alicious), and even added to yoghurt or ice-cream for breakfast or dessert items.


Mmmm mmmm mmmore milkshakes. You won’t find ordinary flavours in our kitchen – we make only mmmmorish ones that will keep you coming back for mmmmore. Toffee, Cherry and Milktart are flava’s to set you apart and these are gourmet gulps made easy peasy (just add ice-cream to our easy pour mix).

A marvelous milkshake is memorable, so top it off with delicous add on’s like sauces, cookie bits, crummed fudge, popcorn, marshmallow fluff…oh my, I’m in love.


Made with French flair, these imported premium syrups are nothing short of liquid yummyness that adds colour and taste to any creation. Pair them with our liquid concentrates for a simple jazzed up drink. The endless variety of flavours means you can create crowd pleasers and old favourites, or easily invent your own signature drink – get your people to call our people – and we’ll do it for you – we have in-house mixologists that create with flair!

Maison Routin 1883 French syrups can be used for cocktails, mocktails, crushers, freezos and even hotties. Check out their website for inspiration:


Lekker old favourites like Ginger beer and Lemonade are an absolute necessity in any kitchen and bar. Ours are particularly handy because they come in convenient one litre Tetrapac, with a shelf life of 1 year unopened (so buy bulk and store it).

Mixed up as a crush or served as a liquid, they can be used for single servings or dispensed from large scale serving options like our lovely table top dispensers. We also have other flavours in concentrates to make your buck streatch further, so check out our product list for our full catalogue.

Oomph it by adding a squirt or two of our premium 1883 syrups for a recipe that’s a star in the making…..we can help you create something special.


Don’t do ordinary Don Pedro’s. Shake it up with gourmet milkshakes that pack a kick! Fan favourites like Chocolate and Coffee flavours are versatile and mix well with most boozy bottles.

Our resident mixologist has mojo and moves that will set your bar on fire. We can custom make a menu for you, using the products you already stock. Milkshakes dressed up as liquid desserts are trending right now – call us!


Flavoured concentrate syrups that are bright and fun, not to mention delicious! Mix them up to make granitas, cordials or milkshakes.

They are bold and tasty and our flavour selection is aimed at the young at heart: Glorious Grape, Cool Cream Soda and Rockin’ Raspberry.


Need we say more – use these favourites that come in Chocolate, Toffee and Salted Caramel to create menu show stoppers. They work really well hot or cold and make great drizzlers for drinks or desserts.

Other good things to shove directly into your mouth when no one’s watching is our Marshmallow fluff or caramel popcorn….nom nom.


The perfect partner to a flavourlicious drink, is a fab glass. It sends a message to your brain that its’ about to experience something amazing. Using the right glass for your drinks and instantly impress. We can source unique and trending glassware to perfectly compliment your beverage range. Our current glassware includes the popular Mason Jar and even jugs. For table displays or mass use we have a range of dispensers that look great on display and are easy to clean.


Mixing your own drink is so last season – except when it’s one of ours. However if you simply can’t wait and need your flavourlicious fix NOW, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve invented the best tasting ready to pour drinks. Yes, we said it – they are bestest.

Deciding which flavour Ice Tea is best will be a debate and not easily decided. The jury is out on this one – you decide and tweet us your fav, ready to drink Ice Tea in either Peach or Lemon.


Size does count – when it comes to how you serve it. We have a range of dispensers, jugs and carafes (and other glassware) that will come in handy when you’re serving it big. Think buffet tables, breakfast menus and even events and conferencing….we can help you serve it up.


To make flavourlicous beverages, you’ll need us, some fab ingredients and of course the right machinery. In most cases, an industrial blender works best because we know you simply won’t be making just one drink at a time…everyone always wants mmmmore!

Let us help you kit out your kitchen with the right machinery and we’ll even assit you with servicing the brands we represent, such as Hamilton Beach, Vitamix, Maximum blenders but to name a few. (Prices and specs available on request).


Everybody needs stuff like this in their kitchen – and we have all the neccessities like take away cups (with lids) for hot and cold beverages, staws (even super thick ones for our gulpable gulps), dispensers, glassware, sexy waiters, squeezy bottles, pumps and various machinery.

OK so you have to add your own sexy waiters, but we can supply you with just about everything else you may need.

** also on offer from us **


Every self respecting kitchen has at least one gourmet coffee machine – right? From which little pods produce perfect single cups of coffee. Uummm, smells great! As expert powder manufacturers, our team in Chicago can develop a pod powder to suit your clients tastes and machinery. The most common is the Nespresso pod which tastes amazing flavoured up with some of our delicous powders.

Instantly expand your beverage offering with your very own house brand pod powder, or co-brand with our stamp of approval. Mwah!


The super healthy (and delicous) alternative to dairy. Imported from Italy, Mand’Or Vita+ Almond drinking milk is made with almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios, so it tastes great! It’s a little sweeter than other almond milks, and even has added calcium. It can be used in both hot and cold drinks and even for food preparation, where you would normally use milk. It’s ideal for lactose intolerance and since there is a global movement towards dairy free drinks, it’s a must try. It contains no lactose, no gluten, no soy, no cholesterol, no preservatives, colourants or food dyes. Its super healthy – so give it a try. Click here to download more info.


Made from 100% pure rooibos tea, red espresso® is naturally caffeine-free and full of the health benefits of rooibos – including powerful, immune-boosting antioxidants.
The delicious range includes pre-ground, ready-to-use packs in various sizes, soft pods and Nespresso® compatible pods (in various flavours), and even premium honey sachets and squeeze bottles.

Red Espresso

Marshmallow Fluff