Dreamers are our classic smoothies – an always delicious blend of fruit flavour and dairy. And FYI, White Chocolate can be added to any of the available flavours to make any of our Dreamers that much more decadent! more

Indulgers are our dairy smoothies that are packaged in powder form. You won’t find any fruit flavours here – just decadently creamy deliciousness! more

Light and refreshing non-dairy ice crushes. Perfect for hot summer days, our Coolers are fresh and full of flavour. more

Milkshake mixes to be blended with soft-serve ice cream. more

These powdered flavours need only be mixed with hot water for the ultimate hot drink full-flavour experience.more

Little extras like chocolate, biscuits or fresh fruit. It’s all for the fun of it, so how about making up your own? We’ve made our suggestions, but the possibilities really are endless. How about a maraschino cherry on top of a Cherry Shaker, or stirring a spoonful of muesli into a Dreamer?